Peter diving system, dive without a tank on your back
Peter diving system Dive without a tank on your back


Dive without a tank on your back

PETER Diving System offers a rendez-vous with underwater wildlife in which one can enjoy diving with complete confidence and peace of mind.

The best solution for users of yachts and sailing boats. A complementary leisure item within the range of water toys also serving as a highly useful tool for the ship’s crew, simplifying various maintenance tasks and essential to solve underwater emergencies. The ultimate addition to the yacht charter toy range.

The System

Dive without tanks on your back. Easy as snorkeling, as exciting as SCUBA. Innovation toward simplicity bringing together the safest, lightest, most compact and versatile diving system with endless possible applications.

How does it work?

The PETER Diving system uses compressed air tanks like a SCUBA system but utilises long air lines that allow the tanks to remain on the surface while the divers explore the world below the waves. No need for buoyancy control devices and with the safety that comes from being attached to a floating object on the surface.

Who is it for?

PETER Diving System is simple and ideal for first-time divers as young as eight, also suitable for the elderly and handicapped. Even if you are an experienced snorkeler or diver, you will be surprised at the feeling of freedom & comfort while you dive without tanks on your back.