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PADI Open Water Diver



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During this course, you will learn all the procedures and skills needed to explore underwater.This course program, which takes three days, consists of two stages; theoretical and practical. In the theoretical stage, you need to get the PADI Open Water Diver – e-learning manual prepared by PADI for you. In this manual, you will learn all the basic requirements a diver should know. In the practical stage, you will learn the skills necessary for a fun and safe underwater dives under your instructor’s guidance. At the end of the course, you will be a certified diver that is valid worldwide and can dive to a maximum of 18 meters .

Course Process

Theoritical phase: After receiving PADI OPEN WATER DIVER – e-learning, you will complete the topics in this manual either independently or with your instructor’s help in the classroom or environment.
Practical phase: At this stage, you will learn about basic diving skills, entry-exit techniques, and environmental awareness under the guidance of your instructor.


  • Minimum to be 14 years old
  • To have basic swimming skills
  • No health problem prevents diving
  • You do not need to have any previous experience with diving

Available Languages

For information on other available languages, please contact us.

Getting Started

You can buy PADI’s open water Diver manual online or get this manual from your diving school. You can consult your instructor at the points you get stuck while working with this manual designed to work comfortably on your own at home. When you get to the practical stage, your instructor will be with you at all times.

>Get your PADI e-learning.

Time: 3 Days

Min. Age: 14

Take This Course If You Want to

Explore the other 70 percent of our planet
Support ocean protection
See things you've never seen before
Learn from a scuba diving expert
Carry the world's most recognized scuba certification

Learn How to

Be a confident and skilled diver
Assemble and use scuba gear
Manage your buoyancy
Respectfully approach marine life
Handle common problems
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PADI required educational materials (training books) and certification fee are not included, contact us for the best prices
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