swimming school lykia Oludeniz Fethiye Turkey

Swimming Coach

Liberty Hotels Lykia, Kıdrak Mevkii 48340 Oludeniz, Mugla, TURKEY

Welcome to swimming school!!!

Your children will learn the basics of swimming on a playful basis within the shortest possible time; either during individual lessons or group lessons. Furthermore, for advanced and adults we provide a special training based on the individual level to improve and optimize the technique.

Baby swimming lessons

The water babies programme is the ideal opportunity for your baby to instroduced and become comfortable in water.

Beginner swimming lessons

Starting with any age we offer single courses with water acclimation. Your child will build a safe and comfortable get relationship with water.

Personel swimming lessons for child’s

The lessons designed to meet your specific needs. It will get your child comfortable in the water and help relies your child swimming goals.

Group swimming lessons

This is only available to advanced group swimmers which will help develop, solidify and improve on existing skills.

Personel swimming lessons for adults

Adults can reduce their fears in individual training lessons and learn to have more fun in the water. The training will be adjusted to the wishes and needs. So you have the opportunity to learn quickly a new swimming style or improve your technique.

Aqua swimming class

Help get toned and shape with aquatic exercise. Develop your abs and your overall shape.

Aqua Pilates

It relies on the resistance buoyancy and movement of water to increase balance flexibility and strength.