DEPTH TIME: 27m – 60 min or 50 Bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: Move north down around Island with shore on left side. Then multilevel back

BOAT POSITIONING: Wait on east side

POINTS OF INTEREST: Nice drop off and walls and crayfish.

ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Good buoyancy control on descent/depth don’t go into the hole

CLASS OF DIVE: Experienced Divers

An Island in the open sea!! We have seen more turtle’s in this dive than all previous sightings together. The Island drops off to over 400m/1230ft, so starring into the big blue is a must. There are a number of spinylobsters and Cray fish in the holes and cracks of the island, these are of course to photograph, not catch!!! Rays have also beenspotted lingering in the area of this island.