DEPTH TIME: 28m – 50 mins or 50 Bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: Drop in just off the point onto a 8m wall, follow bay aroundkeeping coastline on left side.

BOAT POSITIONING: Boat anchored in the bay

POINTS OF INTEREST: Large grooves carved into ocean floor, numerous very largecatapult balls and some smaller lead balls.

POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Dropping a catapult ball on your foot!!!

CLASS OF DIVE: Novice – Intermediate

A nice varied dive Site. You get dropped into 8m, down a wall keeping the coast line on you left. Have a hunt around the large rocks until you come across some grooves. The bay is littered with catapult balls and lead cannon balls continue until you get to the island which is surrounded by gravel. The island has some nice overhangs and is worth looking around and up out form the island over the huge slabs much the same as topography of the land down towards the other side of the bay into about 12m where the boat will be waiting to pick you up. This Dive Site is ideal for the Experienced diver in need of an orientation Dive and anyone who has just completed a Discover Scuba course, also an excellent Night Dive Site.