DEPT TIME: 36 metres 50 minutes or 50 bar.

DIRECTION OF DIVE: From the boat go through the Tunnel and follow the coast on the right.


POINTS OF INTEREST: Tunnel and cave with alter.

ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Deep dive and keep an eye on your buoyancy

CLASS OF DIVE:Very experienced.

After leaving the boat descend immediately to the tunnel entrance at 36 metres. When entering the tunnel make sure your tourch is on and see the amazing rich colours of the sponges and soft corals as well as shrimps staring back at you from the many nooks and cranny’s. Have a look around, but keep an eye on your air and buoyancy and leave enough time to visit the cathedral. Off to the right is a large crack, once inside you will see Stalactites and Stalagmites that have formed to resemble and Alter. After leaving the Cathedral continue through the tunnel to the exit and follow the wall keeping it on your right hand side.