DEPTH TIME: 24m – 50 min or 50 Bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: Multilevel alongside of wall, shore on one’s left side.

BOAT POSITIONING: From drop off will follow and pick up divers, the boat will not anchor.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Rock & Wall formations, crayfish, morays and steep Drop offs.

ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Good buoyancy control and descent/depth

CLASS OF DIVE: Intermediate – Advanced

Beneath the surface are usual layers of rock which continue downwards from the cliffs above. Hidden in the darkest places amongst the rocks at various depths are spiny lobsters, crayfish, and shrimps. The wall also has many types of soft coral, sponges & sea anemones. you follow the wall with the shore on your left; the boat is above you, surface slowly to waiting boat.