DEPTH TIME: 25 m – 60 mins or 50 Bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: From Drop Off down to hole then south with shore on one’s left side

BOAT POSITIONING: Wait above dive site.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Hole formations / Drop Offs /Archways.

ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Good buoyancy control on descent. Don’t go into the hole beyond the guide diver.

CLASS OF DIVE: Experienced Divers Only

The name comes from the shape of the hole which goes up and look like a Mexican hat. The hole is at 20m/66ft and is large enough to accommodate 6/8 divers at a time. Also good buoyancy is important to stop stirring up the bottom, which is sandy. Using your dive light you can find large mullet, shrimps, soft coral and some groupers hiding amongst the cracks. The hole also homes some moray eels that lay and wait for some unsuspecting prey. At the exit for the dive there is an amazing underwater archway one can get excellent photographs of buddies swimming through.