Iblis Point diving site in Oludeniz Turkey


DEPTH TIME: 28m – 50 mins or 50 Bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: Out & back along coast starting northwards with shore on right.

BOAT POSITIONING: From Drop Off will move into bay.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Big groupers and sponges at depth.

ANY POTENTIAL HAZARDS: Good buoyancy control on descent/depth

CLASS OF DIVE: Intermediate – Advanced


One of furthest dive sites, fantastic rock formations hiding morays. Great drop offs, amphora. Abundant marine life including Rays, Crayfish, Large Groupers, Jackfish, Blennies. There’s plenty to see and photograph in the numerous holes/crack on the wall and reefs. The dive finishes in the bay and there waiting for you are flounder fish scanning your every movement.

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