DEPT TIME: 25 metres 50 minutes or 50 bar

DIRECTION OF DIVE: Shore on the left on the way out and on the right on the way back.

BOAT POSITIONING: Boat anchored.

POINTS OF INTEREST: Swimthrough, small grotto and thermoclines caused by fresh water springs

ANY POTENTI HAZARDS: Watch your buoyancy.

CLASS OF DIVE: For all certified divers.

Kidrak is a dive site full of discovery with a variety of life and something new around every corner. Many fresh water springs give an interesting effect and this draws in many different species of marine life from numerous types of fish to Moray eels and Octopus. On the 15 metre wall there is a whole variety of different types of soft corals, sponges and anenomies, the wall leads to a small grotto at a depth of 12 metres. Make sure you have your torch to have a good look around. On the way back you will pass through a wonderful passageway before again passing through the fresh water springs.